A media plan is put together with care and concern to accomplish certain objectives. The degree to which the plan succeeds depends upon whether these objectives are the correct ones, and, if so, whether the media plan successfully implements them.

1. WHOM do we want to reach? Are we certain this is the correct target? Have we missed anyone who might be a significant product or service user, purchaser or influencer?

2. WHEN do we want to reach them? Are we certain we are reaching them when they will not only be interested in our product or service but also be most interested in receiving our message? Have we considered not only what time of the year but also what times of the week and what times of the day we should reach them?

3. WHERE do we want to reach them? Are we focusing on those geographic areas where our dollars can work most productively? Has the plan considered all of the regional and local marketing factors that influence the purchase usage of our product or service? Have we considered how our market focus will impact upon key factors in the trade? Have we considered the value of reaching our target at home vs. at work vs. elsewhere?

4. HOW MANY do we need to reach? Are we reaching enough prospects with our message during a specific promotional period or within a specific time frame that relates to our product or service’s purchase or usage cycle?

5. HOW FREQUENTLY do we need to reach them? Are we reaching them often enough to make our point yet not so often that we waste money that could more profitably be directed elsewhere?

6. WHAT MEDIA provides the best environments and conditions under which to reach our prospects? Have we selected media that will enhance the delivery of our message? Will it help us stand out from the crowd and the clutter?

7. AT WHAT COST do we reach our prospects? Are we spending too much to accomplish our objectives? Or are we spending so little that we are in essence “invisible”? Are we spending enough not only in total but also in each individual media vehicle so as to establish an effective presence? Have we considered not only the present activity of our competition but also their anticipated future activity?

8. WHAT ABOUT VALUE-ADDED OR BONUSED (FREE) MEDIA? Can anything be leveraged on behalf of this client? What about earned media? Extra spots? Extra inches? Bonus weight?

9. IS ANYTHING MISSING…OR SHOULD ANYTHING BE DONE DIFFERENTLY? Have we looked at our media plan from all angles? Have we challenged it? Have we compared it with other reasonable alternatives?

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