The goal of media is to deliver the client’s messages to their customers effectively and efficiently. As your in-house buying department, MMG will focus on building and implementing a message delivery plan based upon practical, actionable objectives and on determining which media will best meet these objectives.

As sound media managers, MMG adheres closely to the following media management principles:

1. We are money managers, first, who never forget that the numbers in a media plan are backed by real dollars.

2. We are careful to remember that effectiveness is primary and efficiency is not necessarily the key criterion.

3. We appreciate that all media numbers are estimates based upon a sampling of the population and that they can swing up or down depending on the research technique, the time of year and the particular sample chosen.

4. We are open-minded when it comes to media choices. We are innovative.

5. We are well versed with all media forms. We stay on top of all the latest media developments.

6. We evaluate all reasonable alternatives.

7. We constantly monitor the performance of all our media plan’s delivery, upgrade it when possible and correct discrepancies immediately.

8. We keep all of our agency partners with whom we work informed about the latest media trends.

9. We maintain strong rapport with media suppliers.

10. We try to be involved in the total marketing picture and recommend marketing and media ideas that can help build the client’s business.

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